Susan Manspizer

"As a sculptor, I create wood assemblage constructions, continually striving to bring the two-dimensional painted stroke out into our three-dimensional space. Through layering of my material, volume is created that allows the viewer to participate in the emotional content of my work. My content deals with the multiple feelings which we experience daily, as they, too, are layered down within us. Whether they are uplifting, fragile, celebratory, cautious or energized, we as humans are continually balancing our emotions, in our everyday life. The gesture of my strokes captures the emotional qualities of life. My work suggests an intimacy and tactile quality.


Wood by nature is a hard and heavy material, and after I have transformed it to satisfy my content, it becomes light and airy. This juxtaposition is one that I enjoy. I work with thin plywood that I bend and manipulate and then throw out into space, giving one the feeling of the painted stroke in space. My background of painting and drawing is solid in a traditional sense, but personally, I've taken the gesture of the human figure and created more intimate shapes."

                                                                                        - Susan Manspizer

The White Gallery  ●  P.O Box 1306  ●  342 Main Street  ●  Lakeville, CT 06039




The White Gallery
P.O Box 1306
342 Main Street
Lakeville, CT 06039