Kim Radochia

©Kim Radochia

"My art moves fluidly between large site-specific outdoor sculptures, small intimate assemblages and room-sized installations. I walk the edge between working in sculpture and other media to explore visual and physical boundaries that diverse materials can present.

Pattern, structure and the perception of space as it relates to the timeline of life unite my creations. My artwork records that space or moment in time while also containing the movement of energy residing there both human and elemental. Water currents and water lines, patterns of flocking birds called murmurations, and geological formations collect and disperse on my worked surfaces. The structure and patterns of domesticity, family, and history disperse as stacked forms in metal or hundreds of rocks cast in pulp as an homage to honor women.

Inspired by the natural world, time, and a desire to interconnect the spiritual, physical and intellectual my work is a distillation of both personal and collective experience."

                                                                                       - Kim Radochia

The White Gallery  ●  P.O Box 1306  ●  342 Main Street  ●  Lakeville, CT 06039




The White Gallery
P.O Box 1306
342 Main Street
Lakeville, CT 06039