Kate Stiassni

"The choice of working with textiles came very naturally to me. I love the tactile and supple nature of fabric and its ability to absorb the rich colors that form my palette. I strive to express energy and movement in my work, but I also create spaces that allow the eye to pause or pivot in its journey. I’m fascinated with how these spaces can change from one viewing (or viewer) to the next, as the relationship between figure and ground emerges and collapses in perceptual shifts. 


Many of the motifs in my work are abstractions of things I see around me - from the architecture and urban environs of NYC to the wooded hills of Northwest CT. It may be a distant view, the stark line of a building, or the subtle curve of a branch that sparks a new thought. The influence of urban and rural places may also explain why I’m drawn to both angular geometric shapes and curving organic forms." 

                                                                       - Kate Stiassni

© Kate Stiassni
The White Gallery  ●  P.O Box 1306  ●  342 Main Street  ●  Lakeville, CT 06039




The White Gallery
P.O Box 1306
342 Main Street
Lakeville, CT 06039