Joan Jardine

©Joan Jardine

"I thought it was about time to take another adventure in my art. I always knew that I would go to the abstract, and I felt it was now or never, so I put my imagination to work.

Arches oil painting paper is an amazing surface to work on. It brings a lustrous finish to the paint. I have been working on flat surfaces using larger painting knives, wedges and even old credit cards. Very exciting. Cradled boards, mainly birch or maple is another favorite surface of mine to work on. I like it’s hard surface versus stretched canvas. It’s nice to have a choice of really pressing down to make your marks or using a lighter touch.

Imagining something from nature is what I try to think of when creating, but even if I do, one cannot discern where it came from, although at other times, it is a definite landscape.

The love, hope, and terror that I find in painting abstracts is unsurpassed. It is always a new moment, a new challenge."

                                                                         - Joan Jardine

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The White Gallery
P.O Box 1306
342 Main Street
Lakeville, CT 06039