Hannah Jung

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"This body of artwork, “Led by the Light”, visualizes my journey of life and its beauty of the symbolic imageries in nature.  As humans, we strive to find who we are and where we belong on earth. These integral questions in our minds through this journey allow us to utilize the natural world to touch the depths of our hearts that desire to seek the answers and understand our true identities.  As the viewers cast their own imagination upon the images, these images are, in turn, transformed by impression from their own past and present and eventually arrive at their destinies in the future.  

I believe art has the power to enlighten the eyes of viewers’ hearts to see ordinary nature as a new revelation.  This journey into the divine realities of nature invites us to tap into the essential core of our own being.  My paintings are meant to encourage the viewers to have these spiritual experiences through their own personal perceptions and interpretations."

                                                                         - Hannah Jung

I Heard Your Voice I_ 24x48_300.jpg
Your Wisper I_20x30_300.jpg
The White Gallery  ●  P.O Box 1306  ●  342 Main Street  ●  Lakeville, CT 06039




The White Gallery
P.O Box 1306
342 Main Street
Lakeville, CT 06039