Debra Losada

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"My paintings are ways of exploring and understanding the pure possibility of form in space.  The birth of form or the dissolving of form is for me metaphorically potent, describing the energy of creation and simultaneously, the impermanence of the manifested form.  Form brings into vision what is not known, accommodating our need to embody an idea or perception; formlessness questions that need and our sense of the immutability of things as we know them.  The dissolution of form describes transience and impermanence:  from space form comes into being, and as it cycles to formlessness, returns to space.


I don’t 'see' an idea of form.  It is a felt process coming from the energy of space, inspired by the life force of nature—visibly describing what is invisible.  I look for a balance between movement and stasis, and then to stretch that balance to its maximum point before change occurs; a  moment in time, like a photograph."

                                                                                    - Debra Losada

The White Gallery  ●  P.O Box 1306  ●  342 Main Street  ●  Lakeville, CT 06039




The White Gallery
P.O Box 1306
342 Main Street
Lakeville, CT 06039